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Brenda F. Bagwell, CPA, P.A. was formed in 1992 from an outgrowth of a public accounting firm formed in 1986.  Our offices are located in 1900 Boothe Circle, Suite 104, Longwood, Florida.  Our firm provides a full range of professional services including accounting, tax, and a variety of other services.  Our firm consists of three professional staff.  Additionally, we employ several people in other support positions.  The firm is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants and also participates in the AICPA Quality Review Program.


Brenda F. Bagwell, CPA, P.A. is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality service possible.  We believe that what distinguishes our firm from others is our commitment to provide our clients with that personalized service not found in other firms.  We recognize that our clients are our most valuable asset and every one of the is equally important to us.  We try to assist our clients in any way that we can to help our clients improve the profitability and operation of their business.  Our clients deal with knowledgeable staff and are always able to communicate directly with the partner whenever the need arises.  Our staff has experience in providing services to many different business industries which assures our clients that they will have a firm working for them which has experience with their particular line of business.  Our staff is always eager to assist our clients whether it be on a complicated tax matter or on a routine day to day issue.



Our Staff

Brenda Bagwell

Becky Kueppers

Kelley Bagwell
Para-Professional / Office Manager


As a personal and corporate client of Brenda Bagwell’s for more than five years, I can certainly vouch for the quality of her services. Brenda and her team are thorough, conscientious, competent and responsive. In addition to working with me directly, Brenda also works with a number of my clients on their personal, corporate and trust returns. My clients have been very pleased with Brenda’s work. As a tax attorney, I work with a number of CPAs. Brenda’s approach and her professionalism stand out in her field.
Carla DeLoach Bryant, Esquire

Brenda Bagwell is one of the most knowledgeable CPA’s I have encountered in my 25 years as a Financial Advisor. She knows so much about public accounting and is always taking classes and going to seminars to be totally prepared and ready for upcoming changes in tax law..way before anyone else begins to make preparations. She is very diligent, patient and most accommodative with her clients and is ready to handle any and all tax and financial statement preparation as is needed for each individual , household or corporation.

I have found Brenda to be such a joy to work with over the last 15 years. She is my first point of contact when my clients need the absolute best tax advice available.

- Kathleen J. Almulla, CEO


Brenda Bagwell has been my CPA over the last 20 years. When I started my company, my biggest fear in operating and owning it was to make sure that every angle of the financial aspect was covered to ensure that there were no potential pitfalls or mistakes. Brenda not only provided me with these assurances, but her and her staff have always paid very close attention to every last detail and know just how to organize even the most minute details of finances.

She handles both of my companies as well as my personal finances with such care and integrity, unlike any other accountant I have known.

Lastly I would like to add that my companies continued growth has also been influenced by Brenda's guidance over the years. Many of the choices that I have either had or tried to implement, has been under Brenda's care to ensure that it would be a financially positive move for the company.

I owe many thanks to Brenda Bagwell and her team.
Bob Miller

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